Three Poems – Love, Loss and Heartbreak

I will not be bought with prizes and gifts
I don’t want to be like a celebrity
I will not be fooled with surprises
I don’t have the time to waste

I will not be told what to feel or do
My sensitive is something that make me
This is who I am, give a damn?
Then show you care

I will not be silenced
I will not be stopped
There’s not doubt about it
If you don’t respect me
You’re better off with out me
Cause I deserve better

I will shout it
At the top of my lungs
I deserve more respect
than what I’ve seen from
all of the people that truly

how can this be true
what am I living for?

I will not doubt it
From the pit of my soul
I am the fighter, I am the goal
If you don’t like me
Then just stay your distance
Don’t get too close
I warn you…
I hate you!

You know me so well…
you know who you are
you are the love, the knight from afar
then you stepped upon my doorstep
covered in sorrow
i was your goddess
i was your felicity
i was your world
i am your girl…
Just give me some time…
I’ll come around your way..