My Writing’s Purpose

I want to write a book about something truly original and interesting. Day in and day out, I sit at my laptop staring at a blinking cursor on a white screen. I think, ‘Maybe fantasy. Maybe romance.‘ But the two genres don’t quite cut it. The problem is that I can’t think of a good idea to launch off of. The more I think about not having a concept the more frustrated I become.

I want to write for the various Children audiences. I want to write series. Ones that grow in length, complexity, and development with the reader in each installment. I want the first book to start out short and sweet and simple.  Then each book sequel fleshing out and out. Maybe even growing into a connected Young Adult’s series.

Or maybe it would just be a young children’s series.

I want the point of view of the protagonist and the antagonist to switch back and forth.

I would like to craft a well planned story. I like reading books that have back-story details worked into the entire novel, in the parts where it’s most useful and not left to chance.

The first part of the first novel needs a bang that sucks readers in rather than gently grabbing their hands on a casual stroll down back story lane.

I want it to be interesting to write, and  interesting to read.

Do you have any wishful thinking when it comes to your writing goals and plot ideas?