Harry Potter Character Study & Fan Fiction Attempt

A girl no taller than an average 7 year old and no wider than a fishing pole approaches the Great Hall slowly. Careful not to become sick from nerves, she quickens her stride as the doors open.

With one look around the Great Hall, the other students and the professors, she swallows hard on a lump in her throat. Quickly as if ordered to do so, she sits down in the closest bench and drops her face into her hands letting her unnaturally straight blonde hair fall.

‘Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea’ she thought while peering through the spaces between her fingers.

Swallowing hard she looked up and withdrew her hands. Directly across from her was a brown haired boy she thought looked strangely familiar.

‘Probably seen him in Diagon Alley… Cassandra, you are just being a big baby… Get a grip on yourself, you’re a witch. You belong here just as much as every other person.’

The boy smiled at Cassandra making her cheeks redden instantly. She struggled with a salutation, but "H-h-hello. I-i-i’m new" just barely left her lips.

‘That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I said get a grip’ she thought as she bit her lip.

He beamed at her and then turned to the boy sitting next to him who was playing with a small box. Cassandra was hardly interested. She hid her face once more and waited impatiently.

Just then a teacher spoke and the sorting began…

Before Cassy realized, it was her turn to be sorted. Her ears rang for a moment before she moved, ‘This is it.’

Walking towards the Sorting Hat felt like eternity to Cassy. She never in her life felt more nervous.

She took the Hat shakily in one hand and pulled it on her tiny head. The rim fell almost to her shoulders before it asked her some questions.