The Current Style and Point of My Writing

I am a writer whether I go through good writing days, or so not-so-good ones.

I can have anywhere from an awesome 2k word count on my current Work In Progress, a world building sprint on another, or an array of blog posts regardless of how they relate to the stories that I’m working on.

I love writing, creating and inventing stories about lives and worlds that don’t exist. I am chock full of a dozen novel starts and no story sketches that I’ve truly stuck with yet. It’s actually quite sad for me to admit.

The way I write is not original.

I either type at my computer in a word processor with all the processing and editing-as-you-write options set to OFF or minimum settings.

Or, If I am not in a sit down writing mood, I write laying down in my bed.

Occasionally other environments pull me outside into nature: lakes, under trees, on top of small bridges, hidden in gazebos, etc. Usually, I am totally distracted from writing and captured by its beauty. One thing that I never get bored looking at is OUTSIDE!

I need focus, and lots of structure!

I huddle inside near my book light, a pillow, a pen, and paper or with my laptop. I need discipline. Other’s may not, I do.

Every night I set down up to an hour for writing. Just writing. With contending living distractions inside, I try to let them know that I am writing. Sometimes I don’t get much quiet.

Hiding behind some kind of locked door, I write, devising, draw, map, plan and story-world-build. Whatever floats my boat for that particular day and that particular moment.

I have to make myself write or else I will come up with a million EXCUSES not to! You name it, I most likely made an excuse for it and avoided doing it somehow. I have my own guess and theory but I will get into that another time.