Rejections & a shameless Plug

Three of the editors who rejected Darkness Bound were wrong. One — the one who published it – wasn’t wrong. 

Harry Potter was rejected nine times.

The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was rejected 104 times.

Stephen King’s Carrie was rejected 30 times.

Frank Herbert’s Dune was rejected 23 times.

Gone With the Wind was rejected 38 times.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull was rejected 18 times.

Watership Down was rejected 38 times.

M*A*S*H was rejected 17 times. 

Chicken Soup for the Soul, which inspired dozens of spin-offs and more money than the White House spends on Air Force One catering, was rejected 140 times.

This is an excerpt from‘s motivating blog entries/emails…. This one is about taking the "no" from publishers and agents how it should be taken. JUST LOOK AT THESE GREAT BOOKS and their rejection numbers!