Implementing Good Habits


Lake By Former Residence

If you knew that natural/organic foods are more than just good for you on a physical wellbeing level, that they were good for you on mental/emotional/spiritual levels as well, would it change the way you approached food at meal times and in grocery stores and at restaurants?

Not even a month has gone by now since I made the conscious decision to eat healthier daily. It’s really “easier done than said.” All it is is making continuous healthy choices day by day. Scooping one spoonful of habit-sand into the Healthy Lifestyle bucket from the Unhealthy Lifestyle bucket that’s been weighing me down for the last 12 years or so of my life.

Everyone knows that eating healthy is what you are suppose to do. And they don’t do it because it’s not worth standing out, or making a fuss, or something just as silly. But the mental benefits alone of eating right is phenomenal. Nearly right away, your mind is clearer and you’re more awake in the morning time WITHOUT coffee. (Mind you, it takes a few days, maybe weeks for your body to rid itself of all the chemicals from processed foods.)

What good habits do you want to implement in your life?

Which bad, negative ones do you want them to replace?

Anything. Five minutes of power writing in your journal, your blog, your current fiction novel project/baby/thing. Five poems. Five Outlines. Five scenes. Five minutes of exercise every morning: yoga, stretching, simple hand weight lifting exercises, home exercise tape, etc…

Just do it. Be about it. Less talk, more action. Do!