Code Bridezilla

4 Brides Today is the day before my sister’s wedding. And as you can probably gather this wedding has been one hell of a wedding, through the entire planning process for all involved—especially for the hoofers of the bills, my parents mostly. I hoofed more time, energy, blood, sweat and tears than mullah. But it’s still been one heck of a time.

My sister and her husband-to-be think they are the sole pilots of this wedding. Which is damn near funny because they haven’t really done shit for it other than complain when my family doesn’t set up or schedule or do things their way.

It’s actually getting fucking ridiculous to the point where I don’t even want to go to my own sister’s wedding. How messed up is that?

Have you ever been initially excited about anything, only to get frustrated and annoyed and irritated and gawdang mad as all hell before the real thing happens?

Leave me a comment below or email me: roseanne (dot) schmidt {at} g m a i l (dot) com. I’d love to converse with you about your situational experience.



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