Code Groom’s Men, Oh *Pause*… Hold The RINGS!

I don’t know if it’s just him being lazy or stupid. But he really comes across as a nice enough guy for my sister. Then again, I am not sure if another man would deal with her like he’s so willing to do. Maybe it’s not stupidity, maybe it is in fact sincerity. I pray on it now, That he’s got some sort of love for her. I really do. She deserves it. Even if she’s the “Bride Zillah” of 2011 for my family, extended and beyond.

I’ve been thinking about a premise for a novel.


The novel’s working title at this point in time is Code Name: Bride Zillah. The main protagonist is the sister of the bride. Older, wiser,  smarter Sister of the Bride has a positive air about her but is constantly struggling to maintain this life-view within the drama llama neggie fog mind-rain that is coming down on her from all sides: her parents, her soon-to-be-brother-in-law and OF COURSE her dear, brain-dead, learning-disabled, excuse-heavy, unhealthy, unfit, unmotivated, lazy sister—the antagonist.