Who is Nancy?

I have Nancy Drew, the first volume, sitting on my HUGE to be read pile (ok, more like abstract thing that has taken over my bedroom and the attic). But I haven’t read it yet.

I have been reading 21-22 books, then 1 book, then 5 books, then no books, then 12 books AT ONCE. I really can’t tell you how I do it. I just know that I can, and I don’t confuse or forget storylines.

Call me abnormal, or a freak. I don’t care.

Today, and last night too, I have been actually being a productive human being. I use this loosely to touch upon the frowning majority that hate to read. I worked on college essays (something that has now turned into a never ending endeavor). I go today to the lady who will help me figure them out and make them ready to send off for application and eventual acceptance.

Cross your friggin fingers and toes for me.

So I find myself late for work as usual. But I was writing and crossing off my to-do-list when I wrote down “Nancy”. I haven’t a clue who this Nancy is. I don’t have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) or work with anyone that I would ever be caught dead hanging around or liking even… named Nancy. Shh, she’s not a nice person and she does a horrible job at her job. She doesn’t like me either, so if she reads this… It’s not going to make earth shattering waves in our relationship. It might even help it, in the whole “just say how you really feel” boat.

But I think that my brain is naming new characters.

At least that is what I hope.

On to save the day at the little whole in the wall that I work at for the time being to make do and get by, until I get the balls to sit down and write me some kick ass story that will make a name for myself and ….

*shakes the spider webs from my head*

Yeah, well tell me this fellow writer slash blogger slash stalker friend, what is it that you obsess about? What is your abstract “Nancy” project looming over your pretty little head?