Hungry Reading… YES!!!

I am by far not the first person, nor will I be the last person to read this story. The fan base of this series is not like any other fan base that I’ve met in my lifespan.

Let me explain.

First, there was Harry Potter Universal/Colossal Take Over that spanned over a decade. People actually still go bonkers for muggles and wizards and the like. It was completely cool to know that the author, Rowling, was living out of her car before the first book in the series was published; and is now one of the richest women in England. I am well inclined to assume this woman is more than capable to write another amazing series (or should I say “universe”). Her storytelling is amazing, her writing is not annoying, and her fans are — well, crazy. Rowling is simply Harry Potter, because she doesn’t have to ever write again. Will she? Maybe? (Let’s cross our fingers?)

I tore through this series when I believe the second or third movie was in theatres. I didn’t read or watch any of them prior to this time. I think it was in about 2003 or so… Why? Because I was terrified of the owl’s in the beginning of the first movie. You know the part. Well, I eventually got over my dislike for the creepy birds watched the first three movies and read all the books in the same semester. By the following November when my boyfriend then dumped me, my best friend then took me to see the newest HP movie, either three or four. I don’t remember the details. It happened. I was hooked. I loved it. I own all the movies, had possession of all the books (now slowly disowning them to other people to enjoy)… and I’ve got fond memories…. Ok. What I’m really waiting for is the last two parts of 7 to be released on DVD and a nice deal for kindle editions. 😉 😉

Then came Twilight.

It tore through me, I will admit it. I tore through it — the whole series — when Eclipse was released to the public … in 2005? Something like that. I tore through Breaking Dawn with all the other Twilighters. I bought the Soundtracks and the movies. I bought (now slowly releasing to others via — replacing Goodreads Bookswap that doesn’t exist anymore [insert sadface here]) and had possession of all four books. I love the story telling. I can listen to the audiobooks again and again! I bought all four books on audiotape.
I am waiting for Breaking Dawn part 2 to come out on DVD…

Ok. So, I was kind of relieved when nothing else would blow up my reading world so much that I had to devour books… That I had to go to the theatre to watch the movies… That I had to get the books on audio tapes or cds … kindle versions…

I was content with my lesser popular awesome books that I wanted to read and release to the wild. Smaller series that made the time fly, I could read bit by bit over time and still enjoy it. No hair pulling, crying, page taring (accidentally! I swear!)….

I was planning to re-read an underground favorite, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Finally manage to set some time to read the last two books of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, and Awakening (and the next one after that… these love stories seem to never end…) by the lovely Cast women.

I was planning on grouping up some Young Adult reads from the library like Everlost The Magician… Vampire Diaries.

I, then, heard word ofthe Hunger Gamestrilogy by Suzanne Collins.

And OMG!

[To be continued]