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Physicians: maximum of 1.25 ™
Registered Nurses: 1.2 Nursing contact hours
Pharmacists: 1.25 contact hours (0.13 CEUs)
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Led by Christian B. Ramers, MD, MPH, a panel of experts discusses their management approaches to challenging patient case scenarios, including a patient with decompensated cirrhosis and chronic HCV infection, a patient with suspected acute HCV infection and recent injection drug use, a DAA-experienced patient with genotype 1a HCV infection, and a patient with suppressed HBV infection and treated and cured HCV infection who has persistent liver enzyme elevations.

Physicians: maximum of 1.25 ™
Registered Nurses: 1.2 Nursing contact hours
Pharmacists: 1.25 contact hours (0.13 CEUs)
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Harry L. A. Janssen, MD, PhD, and Milan J. Sonneveld, PhD, provide detailed guidance on the appropriate candidates for hepatitis B treatment, preferred treatment options and strategies, how to manage antiviral resistance, and the appropriate choice of therapy for patients with advanced liver disease.

Stefan Zeuzem, MD Program Director Harry L. A. Janssen, MD, PhD Milan J. Sonneveld, MD, PhD, MSc Content Type: Text Module Released: June 21, 2018
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Management of Hepatitis C Infection

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In this module, Jordan J. Feld, MD, MPH, and Hemant Shah, MD, MScCH HPTE, provide an evidence-based overview of optimal strategies for managing patients with hepatitis C virus infection.

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Hi, Ben. Thanks for your comment.

Can you say more about what you take the usual motivations for subjectivism to be and why you don’t think subjectivism desire satisfactionism is a subjectivist theory? In any case, even if you’re right about this, I take it that the value realization theory is a subjectivist theory. If that’s right, then a view on which the two basic goods are desire satisfaction and value realization will be a subjective list theory. It seems to me that this view has some advantages over desire satisfactionism and the value realization theory. So, I could have made my case for the importance of subjective list theories by talking about this theory instead.

March 9, 2018 at 5:00 pm

Hi, Avi. Thanks for your comment.

You say that on the most plausible theories of pleasure, pleasure is a sub-category of desire satisfaction. Can you state what you take the most plausible theory of pleasure to be and explain how this theory connects attitudinal pleasure (i.e., pleasure taken in the thought that p) with desire satisfaction? As I wrote in my post, I grant that there is a necessary connection between attitudinal pleasure and desire: you cannot take pleasure in the thought that p unless you desire that p. But obviously, this does not imply that there is a necessary connection between attitudinal pleasure and desire *satisfaction*, since you could take pleasure in the thought that p even though p is false.

It is true that most people desire pleasure. But I think that attitudinal pleasures coincide with increases in basic goodness even for unusual (perhaps merely possible) subjects who don’t desire pleasure. Desire satisfactionism cannot use a desire for pleasure to explain this.

March 9, 2018 at 5:15 pm

Hi, Jack. Thanks for your comment.

It seems to me that if I’m taking pleasure in the thought that p, then I must be in favor of p (i.e., have a pro-attitude toward p). And it seems to me that the kind of pro-attitude isn’t anything like a belief that p is good, but a sort of attraction toward p. It is natural to call this attitude a desire. I’d be inclined to say that the case that you describe is one in which I simultaneously want the thing to happen and also want it not to happen. Could I really be pleased that it’s happening without (to some extent) wanting it to happen?

As for your second point (which is related to one of Avi’s points): I don’t think the connection between attitudinal pleasures and increases in basic goodness is merely a regularity. When I reflect on what attitudinal pleasures are like, it seems impossible to me that a subject could feel an attitudinal pleasure without accruing some quantity of basic goodness. But I expect that you won’t be very moved by this.

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, Series
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This series is available for download as a free PDF ebook. Click the button below to download my free ebook.

This is part 1 of my 4-part series on how to deal with disappointment.

part 1 4-part series Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

“One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments.” — Henry Ward Beecher

Have you ever felt disappointed about something?

It could be any event in your life. Perhaps you were passed up for a job promotion.Maybe you lost a business deal. Maybe someone you like did not return your feelings. Maybe your relationship Buy Cheap Sast Cheap Sale Perfect Pleaser Bejeweled 3019RSF7 BootWomens Fuchsia MetallicGold/Fuchsia Rhinestones View Cheap Online htldMoG
. Maybe a friend betrayed you .Maybe you suffered a business failure.

How did it feel? Did you feel numb? Did you feel dejected? For the really bad cases, did you feel like it was the end of the world?

Disappointment is a feeling of sadness when something falls short of your expectation . Every day, people deal with disappointment. Depending on how big the disappointment is and how you deal with it, this feeling may disappear after a short while, or hang over your life for a long period of time. If not dealt with properly, disappointments can lead to depression, and eventually apathy.

a feeling of sadness when something falls short of your expectation

Why Disappointments Are Good

Contrary to what some may think, disappointment is a good thing, for 3 main reasons.

Every cause has an effect. Think of disappointment as an effect, where the cause is your love for the thing in question.

For example,

As the saying goes, “There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love” (Martin Luther King Jr.). This deep love is what drives you toward your goals.

Know that disappointment is a better emotional state than apathy . When someone is apathetic, they feel indifferent about everything. This is no different from being a robot. But here, you recognize your emotions and you feel them — be it good or bad.This is a good thing, because to feel is to be in touch with your inner self.

Every time we feel disappointed, it means there is an error in our framework of reality.

Why do I say that? Let’s start with why you feel disappointed. You feel disappointed because you had an expectation and it was not met. Hence, you feel disappointment.

It could be from not winning a competition that you trained heavily in. Or investing in a friendship, where the friend did not reciprocate your effort. Or putting yourself on the line for your job, but getting laid off as your boss did not appreciate you. Each time, you had an expectation that was not met, and when confronted with the truth, you became disappointed.


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