Blog Novel Post #1: Inspiration In the Form of Cover Art

Everything: Unintentionally On Purpose

Here is some Cover Art Inspiration for my blogged novel writing process.

I am starting this Blog Novel from scratchity-scratch-scratch. And I’m going to be dragging you all along for the ride. I hope everyone (myself not excluded) learn something by the end of this…” feat”.

Without much pain, confusion or luck… this could get boring. Hopefully much of all three will be here.

Feel free as always to post comments, ideas, or jump start a story planning discussion on each of these posts as I suffer happily through the planning process of writing a story, while all of you watch.

I’m excited. More now than before.

LET ME DO THIS, MUSE OF CREATIVITY!! Hear me and give me lots of love an encouragement.

I must warn you though… Even though I’m blogging my process, plans and eventually the first 30 pages of my drafts and final copy…
Let the fun begin!!
Post below to tell me your thoughts on my cover art …