My writing life: Backstory

I’ve been writing since before sixth grade. The exact time and place is beyond my recollection, or at least just my caring. That’s really not my forte. I don’t really see the need to know for that. It’s not like what I knew back then will help or harm me now as I become more and more serious about being serious about writing.

I can tell you when that happened. I can remember when and where I was too. But that’s really not important either in the here and now of my present situation.

What does matter is the pivotal point between that time and now that I was changed from a naïve amateur who just sat down to write when the notion to write hit me without a plan or a method or a theme or a … anything… into a serious writer. It wasn’t a specific day.

It was when I landed on a website. Two actually. Wait make that three.

1.) (Larry Brooks) – Writing/Story Structure Guru
2.) (Joanna Penn; AKA J. F. Penn) – Accomplished Self-published Author & Writing Podcaster
3.) – A rich, happy and hot multi-passionate Entrepreneur who coaches women to make it in Online Businesses.

These three people are huge in my brain right now. They might not even know it, but they might know it. Whatever, they are awesome. If you need something to boost your writing moral or cure you temporarily of your fear of success, or your fear of failure (whichever, both are scary to some extent, no?)… Click above to be launched into some kind of wonderful epiphany for your life, writing, business, etc. Do it…

Each one of their sites has TONS of free, valuable content! They are real people dedicated to help you do something. And they give away a lot of their know-how for free… Did I mention it’s free!? They also have amazing books (that I own and have read most of them or reading them now) on said awesome content that actually teaches you everything you need to know about it … delving deep and thoroughly into their most passionate topics. GET IT! READ IT! DO IT!

A wise person doesn’t just talk about it, they act about it.

Tell me what you’re going to do below! NOW! Then, go do it. If you need it, I’ll point (link or poke or kick, maybe) you in the right direction…