Blog Book Adventure [Post #3]: Planning… Planning… And (YUP!) more planning!

I’m looking forward to crawling onto the floor infront of this very desk that I type on and start piecing out a very rough net outline for unintentionally on purpose. I have a pretty good idea already of where I want the story to end up, but only a vague premise as to how and where it’ll start.

I have my protagonist: a thirteen-fourteen year old geeky boy who is semi-athletic and very personable to the people he knows well. His name is Griffin Goode and …

… he’s about to be solicited by an organization to participate in a project that has been ongoing to cover up a technology department mishap that was either allowed to happen, or accidentally overlooked.

That’s the premise.

Let me know what you think below!

[Just know that your comments are only that. They will not change or influence or alter my story. Thanks for visiting!]