Redoing the past

Been writing a redo of my past… More specifically my romantic past.
It’s going to stay between one Beta reader and myself for now.
With the eventual finish … I may or may not decide to publish it for the world under a special pen name.
But this is what I’ve been up to. Every other story including the blog novel have been placed on the back burner for now.
This is also a selfish project. It is to be a way of closure of giving up a certain dream…. or an opportunity to take a chance on something new and shiny.
So basically I’m putting this out there because things have shifted. Plus, I felt like sharing!!!
Anyone starting or finishing a new goal!? Comment!!!!



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2 responses to “Redoing the past

  1. Oh my goodness – you have so many novels you’re writing. I only work on at once, but then I have only ever completed one so far. I’m on my second novel now. Though I did begin another novel after finishing the first, but I started a blog in the meantime, which I then decided to turn into a novel, so put the other one away until I have finished this. I find I can only work on one at once.

    When I was younger, I actually began writing my very first novel then. I think I was about sixteen. Every few years, I would re-read what I had written (I didn’t write often enough in those days) and I would delete most of what I had and start it over again. I did begin another novel about five years ago, but dumped it as it was too personal. I guess in reality, I have begun quite a few until I fell in love with what I started writing a couple of years ago, Soul Destruction. I think that’s what enabled me to finish it, because I was so passionate about what I was writing.

    • Passion! That’s what I need to find… I think I’ve found it in one novel idea that is sort of taking on a snow ball effect and cannibalizing previous/current novel ideas into one. 🙂

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