Hungry Reading… Part two!

This is a continuation of this. So, If you haven’t lapped up that entry, please do so now.

Hunger Games is a Story with so many things going on at once it’s almost mind numbing. You know the feeling you get when someone you love caresses the same two-inch area on your body for five minutes straight. Yes. Just imagine that feeling all over, all inside your body and brain and everywhere. And turn the sensation amplification up to 9,000!

That’s what entering the world of Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games is like.

But once you get in and the numb feeling gets normalized. It’s so simple to understand, easy to follow, and fun to experience. (Never thought I’d say this about a dystopian novel.)

Yes, reading this series (or listening to it on audio format) is fun. Fun. FUN!

I have recently been exposed to people who have a hard time with this series because of the massive “killing issue” that is ever-present within the story. Yes, it’s there. It’s a dystopian society. But I think what they are really afraid of is the parallels with our society. Yes, the society depicted within the series is very EXTREME. However, our society is ever-growing in such extremes which makes it even more compelling of a read.

People are afraid for their financial futures. In the Hunger Games, there IS NO financial system. It’s ruled on fear, pain and death. Hence, the annual games to remind them all of this. Where will America be in the future. Maybe it will be Panem. Maybe not. But this story’s landscape does awaken the mind to such future possibilities.

Yes, It’s fiction. But it’s crazy scary possible. Don’t you think?