Book Rant: Where The Water Meets The Sand

A review Book Rant for Where the Water Meets the Sand by Tyra Manning

9:32 pm 5/18/2016

I wanted to stay in bed, but time refused to stop no matter how hard I willed it.

Does everyone feel this way at one time or another, as if they themselves should be, could be, powerful enough to make time itself stand still. AS if we were, alone, that powerful. HA!

“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” played on the radio. I wondered if it was a warning of things to come.

I know this is a book, but this synchronicity shit is bothering the crap out of me already.

When we kissed goodbye and parted
I knew we’d never meet a-gain

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Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – Willie Nelson

The gloom of the narrator character is so annoying already, but it is there for a reason. Because the husband is going to Vietnam and will die—better die because this phony foreshadowing is pissing me off. Yeah I get it she’s depressed. But if you ever had someone leave you aren’t really THINKING Logically, or even literally. Oh well, I’ll keep reading until it changes pace or I get sick of reading it.

(if all goes shitward, at least i found this great Willie song…)

“We’ll say our goodbyes now.”… “Don’t look back.”  

What the fuck? He’s a militant mother fucker, ain’t he? People don’t talk like that, normal ones rather. Not even military people. That or he’s a controlling S.O.B.

In a burst of magical thinking, I hoped that executing his departure just as he’d asked would somehow protect us.

From WHAT?! He’s going off to war, you are comfy dumpy in a nice home. With emergency funds! Shit, you my friend have R&R time RIGHT NOW!

I drove away from the airport. She watched me… her blue eyes resembled her father’s so much that at times it was painful for me to look at her.

What are you DOING looking over so dang much at her anyway while behind the wheel, you could crash and die and then you won’t have to worry about ever seeing your precious husband again. And won’t that be a great way to care for yourself in the absence of your controlling husband!!

… Larry purchased the trailer house on credit, along with insurance to pay it off if he didn’t return. We’d just spend our last three days together moving into it.

Well ain’t that some last minute planning. Controlling and stupid. Winning combo there. Oh man, girl you really nailed it with this guy! Straight shooter, wait, is he even really straight? Maybe he won’t get killed off, but maybe he will find himself a replacement husband! HA!

Back to the house, I don’t think that buying something on credit is smart. Getting a mortgage is one thing, but on credit? You MUST be dumb, son!

I’d experienced a lifetime’s worth of loss by the time by the time I met Larry. My childhood had been filled with the deaths of several family members, including my father’s. I had started drinking at age fourteen to manage my anxiety and quell a lingering sense of dread left in the wake of Daddy’s death. I didn’t need to drank when Larry and I were together. He told me not to worry, that he loved me and we could do anything we made our minds up to do, and I believed him.

No matter how much I might have wished it, Larry wouldn’t be coming home that night. I had learned my childhood lessons well. I could not count on him, no matter how much he promised to always love me. The only person I could count on was myself.

I got it. I know why I am so fucking pissed off at this storytelling ordeal here. This is a whole shit ton of telling and little story building/world building/character making…. It reads like a white trash party from the point of view of a wallflower virgin with no pubic hair. I am sorry, but this … part here has got me so peeved that I must stop. Not a good way to start reading a book by already hating the voice and the main character to boot.

I think this ends this one.

Here’s hoping the next read is more bearable!