Not Meant To be Pent-up!

I’m happy with my boyfriend and four cats and one dog. But we are not meant to be in an apartment paying rent and working for the bills and not a better health-life centered purpose. My dream and current self-sustainable/off-grid lifestyle research self-inflicted project is getting me through each day. I’m not debt free. I have so-so credit. I’m living to work not working to live. I’m ready and willing and watching out for a land owner somewhere who is into living off the land and wants land-dwellers to love and live, cultivate and appreciate his/her land.
I reside in NJ. But am not attached to the area emotionally or mentally. We have families but are the scapegoat and outcast of them so nothing is really keeping us here.
I am looking to get an arrangement with a land owner to start building a mobile tiny house that I will live in during and after the build is completely done.
I wish to travel with the tiny house once it is self-sustainable and modified completely to my little families needs.
This is where I am and what I am searching for.