A Warrior’s Magic Reworking Blurb

“Your skin looks beautiful again.” Jameson wore his robes. Emelia assumed he was blushing, but his hood was covering his face. She could see his undershirt hanging out of the side of her knapsack on his back.

She smiled. “It feels much better. Thank you, Jameson.”

“May I question why you’re running from the Palace, Emelia?” He adjusted the hood, his hands rough looking and cracked.

Emelia gave in and told him. It’s not like he could go anywhere, he’s sworn his life to her.

“But, you would make a fine queen.”

“Flattery will not buy you your freedom, Jameson.” She shoved him with side the hood, thus causing it to start to drift back off his face.

Emelia looked back at him as she walked. He had already repositioned it over his forehead, leaving half his face in darkness. “Chides will not make it less true.”

She looked forward once more. “That might be so. But what kind of a princess am I that I haven’t seen the world outside my father’s gates?” Her eyes absorbed the world around her.

Jameson remained silent.

She laughed. “See, even you see that it’s odd.

[He mumbled an incantation, a red glow surfaced out of the dirt path leading ahead of them. He looked at her. “Hungry?”]

He mumbled an incantation, a red glow surfaced out of the path ahead of them. He looked at her as rooted vegetables sprang out of the ground and into the small pack at his hip. “Hungry?”

Emelia smiled.

This is part of the cluster f*** of stories and plot bunnies that I had seven to eight years ago. They are creeping up on me again, and thus why I am again at this blog.

Tell me what you think.


Character Development [Blog Book Post #4]

So, I am developing my character of protagonistic proportions. He’s going to be 13 years old. He’s going to be approximately 5′ with dirty blonde/light brown hair and light blue eyes. A birdlike face, that is kind of cone shaped with a small button nose at the apex and flat, nonprotruding cheekbones that are neither speckled with freckles or clear.
So far that’s what I’ve got… Leave some love…

Redoing the past

Been writing a redo of my past… More specifically my romantic past.
It’s going to stay between one Beta reader and myself for now.
With the eventual finish … I may or may not decide to publish it for the world under a special pen name.
But this is what I’ve been up to. Every other story including the blog novel have been placed on the back burner for now.
This is also a selfish project. It is to be a way of closure of giving up a certain dream…. or an opportunity to take a chance on something new and shiny.
So basically I’m putting this out there because things have shifted. Plus, I felt like sharing!!!
Anyone starting or finishing a new goal!? Comment!!!!

My writing life: meow

Writing. It’s a critter that doesn’t sleep when it’s supposed to. It makes little “gift” on the floor. It begs for attention at the worst of times. It doesn’t just tell you what it wants to do.

That would make things too easy!

No. Writing is a strange animal. A something something that has no finite definition. A thing that grows, evolves, and adapts to each wielder and reader.

Writing is, also, an amazing journey. One full of ups and downs. The ups overpower the downs ….

This journey is awesome!!!

Blog Novel Post #1: Inspiration In the Form of Cover Art

Everything: Unintentionally On Purpose

Here is some Cover Art Inspiration for my blogged novel writing process.

I am starting this Blog Novel from scratchity-scratch-scratch. And I’m going to be dragging you all along for the ride. I hope everyone (myself not excluded) learn something by the end of this…” feat”.

Without much pain, confusion or luck… this could get boring. Hopefully much of all three will be here.

Feel free as always to post comments, ideas, or jump start a story planning discussion on each of these posts as I suffer happily through the planning process of writing a story, while all of you watch.

I’m excited. More now than before.

LET ME DO THIS, MUSE OF CREATIVITY!! Hear me and give me lots of love an encouragement.

I must warn you though… Even though I’m blogging my process, plans and eventually the first 30 pages of my drafts and final copy…
Let the fun begin!!
Post below to tell me your thoughts on my cover art …

Me? Write horror? … Why not!

20120418-153047.jpgso I would like to write stories and what better way to have people scratching their faces off or falling out of their seats than to write a horror series for young adults and teens!!!! I think I can do it!

20120418-170954.jpgAll the pretty little prom dressesz….

A Cinderella meets Carrie?!