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FAMILIES STUDENTS Stride Rite Cooper Hamp;LInfant/Toddler Boys Black Leather 2018 Cheap Online Discount Footlocker Pictures wIwfDiN
  • /cms/lib/NJ01912667/Centricity/ModuleInstance/7138/750_3033.jpg Portrait Unveiling Ceremony for City of Elizabeth Mayor J. Christian Bollwage True
  • /cms/lib/NJ01912667/Centricity/ModuleInstance/7138/IMG_2262.JPG EPS Participates in "Union County Kids Dig In" True
  • /cms/lib/NJ01912667/Centricity/ModuleInstance/7138/750_2819.jpg Law Enforcement Against Drugs (L.E.A.D.) Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremonies True



  • /cms/lib/NJ01912667/Centricity/ModuleInstance/7138/IMG_3980.JPG Healthy Leap Into Summer Health Expo True
  • /cms/lib/NJ01912667/Centricity/ModuleInstance/7138/IMG_2787.JPG District Job Fair True
  • /cms/lib/NJ01912667/Centricity/ModuleInstance/7138/IMG_4060.JPG City Council, Board of Ed Bring PGK’S “Adopt-A-Program to Read” to Elizabeth True
  • /cms/lib/NJ01912667/Centricity/ModuleInstance/7138/summerprograms2018.jpg A World of Summer Programs 2017 True
  • /cms/lib/NJ01912667/Centricity/ModuleInstance/7138/IMG_2874.JPG Board Meeting Honoring Governor's Award Recipients True
  • /cms/lib/NJ01912667/Centricity/ModuleInstance/7138/Elizabeth 6x9_Page_1.jpg EHS Custom Branded Athletic App True



  • /cms/lib/NJ01912667/Centricity/ModuleInstance/7138/IMG_4675.jpg The Class of 2018 True
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Katie Wohl

Introduction Enabling Encouraged Log In What Happens Next? Log In Send Recovery Email Continue as new account Additional Details Trotters Jenn Laser SlipOnWomens Navy Nubuck Leather Laser Cut Clearance Best Wholesale QUyqp

Note: Please be aware that the Encouraged Log In feature has limited options for customization. These options are described below.

To begin, navigate to:

System Settings tab > System Settings Home > Encouraged Log In.

This will take you to a page where you can configure the Encouraged Log In settings for your online forms.

To enable Encouraged Log In for any of the form types in the list below, toggle the "Use Encouraged Log In" switch to On.

Note: Prior to May 6th, 2017, Encouraged Log In was enabled for all payment forms or none; it was not possible to manage each form type separately.

If your organization enabled Encouraged Log In prior to this date, it will stay enabled by default for the following pages:

If you would like to enable it for the other pages, you will need to edit the setting.

Additionally, if you wish to use Encouraged Log In on Custom Forms that were published before you turned Encouraged Log In on, then you will have to un-publish and re-publish your Custom Forms.

You can also add custom header and footer content to the Encouraged Log In form:

Click Save Settings to save your changes.

Save Settings

When a constituent clicks on a link to one of your enabled forms, the following window will appear:

The constituent is given several options to choose from:

Social Media Login Log In
Log in using your NeonCRM account login name and password or sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account . When a constituent logs in to their Neon account from this page, they are taken directly to the constituent version of the destination form instead of the login portal home page.
Send Recovery Email

Users can enter their email address and click Recover Account to see if they already have a NeonCRM account associated with their email address:

Recover Account

When they submit their email address, they will receive the following message:

If a match is found, Neon will send the Pictures For Sale Buy Cheap Outlet Store Sanuk Yoga Mat Wander Thong SandalWomens Aqua Synthetic Outlet Best Place Buy Cheap 2018 Cheap Countdown Package Fp9BcCCh
to the address that they entered.

Reset Password

Complete as new account

The user can also close the window and continue without logging in. Users who select this option will complete the public access (non-logged in) version of the form.

On each form for which Encouraged Log In is enabled, however, an additional link is automatically embedded in the header section:

This way, if a user closes the login window and then changes their mind, they can click that link and re-open it so that they can log in.

Additional Details

When using this feature, be sure to:

Enable the Reset Password System Email .
This definition is part of our Essential Guide: Develop copy management systems for streamlined production
Contributor(s): Erin Sullivan

A storage snapshot is a set of reference markers for data at a particular point in time. A snapshot acts like a detailed table of contents, providing the user with accessible copies of data that they can roll back to.

Amazon S3 in the spotlight: Your 34-page backup guide

In this guide curated by the editors, you’ll evaluate and overcome the DR tradeoffs associated with Amazon S3, with guidance on solidifying an AWS backup plan and securing S3 buckets. Download your copy now.

Each snapshot uses a differencing disk -- a virtual hard disk () -- that stores changes made to another virtual disk or the guest operating system . This VHD intercepts all future write operations and leaves the original data in an unaltered state. Snapshots have parent-child relationships and form a . Each snapshot taken creates another branch of the tree.

Snapshots are generally created for UGG Ricci SlipOn SneakerWomens Black Faux Sheepskin Recommend zzYy2IiaYU
, but they can also be used for testing application software and data mining . A storage snapshot can be used for disaster recovery when information is lost due to human error or Timberland Adventure Seeker 2Strap Sandal ToddlerInfants/Toddlers Dark Grey/Green Synthetic Brand New Unisex Cheap Price Footlocker Finishline Outlet Amazing Price WgxcKwdi

There are several types of storage snapshots.

Copy-on-write snapshots store metadata about the location of the original data without copying it when the snapshot is created. These snapshots are created almost instantly, with little performance impact on the system taking the snapshot. This enables rapid recovery of data in case of a disk write error, corrupted file or program malfunction. Data in a copy-on-write snapshot is consistent with the exact time the snapshot was taken, hence the name copy-on-write. However, all previous snapshots must be available if complete archiving or recovery of all the data on a network or storage medium is required. Every copy-on-write process requires one read and two writes; data needs to be read and written to a different location before it is overwritten.

Clone or split-mirror snapshots reference all the data on a set of mirrored drives. Each time the utility is run, a snapshot is created of the entire volume , not only of the new or updated data. This makes it possible to access data offline, and simplifies the process of recovering, duplicating or archiving all the data on a drive. This is a slower process, and each storage snapshot requires as much storage space as the original data.

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We notice that you are using Internet Explorer to view our website. Please note that we currently do not support that browser for accessing certain features. To improve your browsing experience, please use either Firefox or Chrome .

Welcome to the Strategic Management Society!

Our organization is unique in bringing together the worlds of reflective practice and thoughtful scholarship. The Society consists of over 3,000 members representing a kaleidoscope of backgrounds and perspectives from more than 80 different countries. Membership, composed of academics, business practitioners, and consultants, focuses on the development and dissemination of insights on the strategic management process, as well as on fostering contacts and interchange around the world.

SMS Dates
2017 Annual Report
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SMS News

Apply for the 15th Annual Doctoral Workshop!

We are now aceptiong nominations and applications for the SMS 15th Annual Doctoral Workshop that will take place in Paris on Saturday, September 22! This workshop is intended for doctoral students at the early stage of their dissertation research.

Click below to visit the workshop page and learn more!

SMS Educational Impact Award

We are pleased to announce theinauguration of the Educational Impact Award to be presented by the Strategic Management Society! This award will recognizeexcellence in contributing to the teaching mission in Strategic Management. Click below to learn more!

Extensions of the SMS Annual Conference in Paris

We are excited to be hosting several extensions surrounding the Annual Conference in Paris. These day-long, topical workshops will cover a variety of related themes in destinations throughout the region.

Visit the page below to learn more!

Winner of the 2017 GSJ Best Paper Award!

We are excited to announce the winner of the 2017 GSJ Best Paper Award is the paper, "Reverse innovation, emerging markets, and global strategy" by Vijay Govindarajan and Ravi Ramamurti. Click below to see a short video with Rami Ramamurti about the winning paper.

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What We Do


One of the primary functions of the Strategic Management Society to convene and conduct meetings and conferences for the professionals in the field of strategic management. Each conference addresses a current theme and brings together leading experts in the field from around the globe.

To learn more about our conferences, click here !


The conceptual framework is based on our own experiences at interviewer trainings on a diversity of studies, from findings in previous analyses of interviewer effects, and from consultations with survey methodologists on various European and US surveys. When aiming to explain interviewer effects by means of characteristics collected in an interviewer survey, the underlying assumption is that interviewers differentially impact on the data collection process, that this differential impact is related to their – conscious and subconscious – appearance and actions, and that these can be explained by characteristics collected in an interviewer survey.

Table 1 displays the four dimensions measured in the interviewer questionnaire (rows) and the interviewer effects they aim to explain (columns). We expect the first three dimensions – attitudes towards the survey process, own behaviour with regards to data collection requests, and experience with relevant types of measurements, to independently impact on the survey outcomes. The fourth dimension – interviewers’ expectations regarding the survey outcome – is expected to be influenced by attitudes, behaviours, and experiences.

The concepts covered by these four dimensions are described in the following. In addition, the interviewer survey collects general interviewer demographics and measures of interviewing experience. The question numbers cited in the following refer to the questions in the SHARE interviewer questionnaire (see MUK LUKS Liam SneakerMens Grey Cheap Sale 100% Original xbJ5P
and Clearance Cheap Discount Cheap Heelys Launch SneakerChildrens Black/Multi Pink/Hearts Outlet 2018 New Clearance Big Sale 4oZ3jj

Table 1: Conceptual framework of the interviewer questionnaire

Note: The question numbering refers to the questions in the SHARE Germany interviewer survey (see Appendix A and Clearance Wholesale Price Vlado Midas Mid Top SneakerMens Grey Chambord Sale Online Shopping Online Cheap Price Outlet Geniue Stockist EifEa
). Questions on the interviewers’ demographic background are not displayed in the framework

Interviewer attitudes towards the survey process

Interviewers that are good at making contact and gaining cooperation from the sample unit are usually good at tailoring their approach to the situation they find at the visited address (Morton-Williams, 1993). However, tailoring takes more effort and skills than repeating the same routine with each sample unit. The extent to which interviewers make the effort of tailoring their approach might be related to their general attitudes towards their job as interviewers and towards life in general. In addition, interviewers’ own concerns about data protection and their trust in other people might shape the way they approach sample units and ask their respondents for sensitive information.

This first dimension of general interviewer attitudes in the conceptual framework covers these aspects. Some of the attitudes collected in the interviewer questionnaire are related to the questions on previous interviewer questionnaires (e.g. de Leeuw Hox, 2009). However, in addition to questions on the contacting and cooperation process, i.e. unit nonresponse, the SHARE interviewer questionnaire also collects information that might be related to item nonresponse and non-consent. The attitudes addressed are reasons for being an interviewer (Q3), attitudes towards under which circumstances it is legitimate to deviate from the standard interviewing protocols (Q4), how to best achieve unit response (Q5), and general questions regarding trust and data protection concerns (Q6, Q11 and Q12) that might be particularly effective in explaining non-consent and item nonresponse on income.

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